SWSA Wins LAPS Student Experience Award

On April  27th the Social Work Student Association (SWSA) was awarded a Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies 2015-16 'Outstanding Overall Contribution to Student Experience Award'. This award is awarded to a Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies student association in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the enrichment of the undergraduate student […]

9th Annual Social Work Research Symposium -- April 29: Interdisciplinary Conversations on Social Transformation and Critical Practices

Organized by the School of Social Work at York University, the Critical Social Work and Social Justice Research Symposium aims to foster critical education, research and practice in relation to critical social work and social transformation in order to promote contemporary, historical, social, political and economical context, both locally and globally. Symposium Date: April 29, […]

Student wins grant for youth mentorship program

Social Work student Soroush Fakhri is the latest recipient of a grant of up to $25,000 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to support his Afghan Mentorship Program, which provides programming support for Afghan youth in the Durham Region. Soroush came from Afghanistan when he was six years old and understands first-hand the struggles immigrant youth […]

Do I Belong? Power, Inclusion, Representation and Activism in an LGBTQ Spiritual Community by Michelle Short, Kari Martin and Alyson Joseph

Power differences within activist communities can lead to uneven participation and an uneven distribution of benefits from the movements' activism. This is true for the LGBTQ community in Canada, where the benefits of social activism have disproportionately benefited those LGBTQ people who are cis-gender, male, white, middle-class and in long-term domestic partnerships. Using a Community-Based […]