Shaniqua Smith Awarded the Bill 7 Award!

The School of Social Work is proud to announce that Shaniqua (Nika) Smith was awarded the Bill 7 Award by Supporting Our Youth (SOY)! Nika is currently enrolled in the third year of the Bachelor of Social Work program at York University. She described her social justice work stating:

"My aspiration is to work with members of the LGBTQ2 community, specifically LGBTQ youth in Jamaica. This demographic group faces severe persecution and marginalization in Jamaican society. I hope to provide direct support for this population and to be a part of the broader movement for social justice. I am also inspired to utilize the knowledge I have gained at York University in collaboration with my background in the arts (i.e., songwriting, music production, and live performance). By combining my passions for social justice advocacy and creative expression, I wish to explore the role music and creativity can play in effecting meaningful personal and social change.”